Manna Harvest History

Manna Harvest was established in 2008 as a way of addressing the strains of hunger and poverty throughout the Johnson County area.  Realizing that there is strength in numbers, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church collaborated with the community of Warrensburg to start a small soup kitchen, called the Nehemiah Feeding Project.  What began as a humble weekly dinner has now evolved into serving those within the community, with a hearty and nutritious meal, three times per week.  As we continually seek to fulfill the goals of Manna Harvest, we  are now serving meals five days a week.

In alignment with the mission of Manna Harvest, “…to improve the quality of life of those we serve,” the Harvest of Hope food distribution was established in 2009, in partnership with Harvesters International.  Through this effort we were enabled to distribute much needed groceries, including fresh produce, to those within Johnson County and nearby surrounding areas.  Within the first two years of operation, we were blessed to serve approximately 400 individuals each month.   By 2018, the program had grown to serve over 1200 people, monthly, with distribution occurring the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.

As growth within the Nehemiah Feeding Project and Harvest of Hope continued to increase, Manna Harvest recognized yet another unmet need—helping to contribute supplemental assistance to those Johnson County seniors on a fixed income.  Through the USDA Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) they were able to do just that, by providing food packages to those in need.  Although these items alone do not afford a complete diet, they contain a good source of nutrients that are typically lacking in the diets of many seniors.  With a goal of enrolling at least 100 individuals by the close of 2019, who qualify under the program guidelines (i.e. minimum age requirements and income criteria), Manna Harvest has hopes of helping to eliminate the dreaded decision of having to choose medication, utilities, or transportation over food.

Manna Harvest, Incorporated is a 501(3)© public charity .  Under the direction of the Manna Harvest Board of Directors, which is comprised of members from the local community, and businesses, the organization continues to act as a catalyst for change; helping to provide a path out of poverty.  Initially driven by the members of the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Manna Harvest, Inc., has been able to carry out its mission, in large part, because of the selfless efforts of many outstanding volunteers (including student groups from the University of Central Missouri),  local churches, the assistance of many non-profit organizations, and the extraordinary generosity of the Johnson County community.