Connecting Needs With Services

What is Project Community Connect (PCC)

Project Community Connect is an alliance of community nonprofits and concerned citizens who host a one day, one-stop-shop event designed to deliver real services to people experiencing need within their community, by bringing service providers together in one place.

Project Community Connect enhances the quality of life for the entire community, engages civic leaders, re-engages our citizens who are homeless or in need of housing, transforms service delivery systems, increases public awareness, dispels myths and stereotypes, and increases investment in the community

We consider the people who come to the PCC event to be our guests and want them to feel welcome. Our volunteers receive training on the importance of treating each individual who comes to the PCC event with dignity and respect and keeping personal information confidential. We want PCC guests to be at ease knowing we will do everything we can to help them get the services they need. 

We invite anyone to attend PCC who is:

  •  Homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. 
  •  Living on extremely limited resources and in need of help to maintain housing.
  •  In need of the specific services offered by the service provider(s) who will be at the event.

Project Community Connect will provide lunch to everyone who attends the event. In addition childcare is offered on-site, at no cost, for those attending the event. Transportation to and from the event is provided from designated locations through out various Johnson county locations. The day of the event, shuttle service will be provided to and from the Department of Motor Vehicles, in Warrensburg, for identification cards, driver licenses and renewals. 

The Project Community Connect helped approximately 600 individuals at the event. Our goal is to help 800 individuals for our next. The people that PCC seeks to help are our neighbors in the Johnson County area who are struggling to meet basic needs. This may be due to a medical emergency, a disability, untreated mental illness, physical illness, disaster, job loss, domestic violence or addiction. Many have experienced a major financial crisis and have lost their housing or are face eviction, while others are cycling in and out of homelessness. If you know of someone who needs assistance, please invite him or her to Project Community Connect.  Visit the PCC Website